Bay St. George Mi'kmaq Cultural Revival Committee

Effective August 2015 a new Bay St. George Mi'kmaq Cultural Revival Committee set into place. We are all very excited for the 2016 Annual Powwow. Planning has already begun and we will do our best to ensure that this powwow is an amazing cultural experience and a huge success. 

Bay St. George Cultural Revival Committee
Chair: Arlene Blanchard - White
Vice - Chair: Kelly Anne Butler
Secretary: Ivan J. White
Treasurer: Cassandra Beanland
Board of Directors:
Ivan White Sr.
Bobby White 
Joanann White 
Cecil Ryan
Women's Rep: Jacqueline Snook
Youth Rep: Crystal Quinton 
Elder Rep: Victor Muise 
Powwow Planning Committee (Sub - Committee)
Chair: Kelly Anne Butler 
Vice - Chair: Michelle Cormier
Secretary: Joanann White
Treasurer: Cassandra Beanland
Bobby White
Claudine Warren
Sylvia Legge
Shane Snook
Arlene Blanchard - White
Crystal Quinton
Cecil Ryan 

© 2014 by Bay St. George M'kmaq Cultural Revival Committee

LAST UPDATED - February 2019

P.O Box 6 Site 7 

Flat Bay, NL A0N1Z0

(P) - (709) 647-1370

(F) - (709) 275-3330

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